Reasons to be Thankful …everyday

When I was growing up, I was taught it was and is important to give thanks everyday, not just one day of the year. So with that thought, in light of getting through Storm Sandy and the following snow storm that came right behind it, there is plenty of reasons to be thankful today and everyday. If you taking time out of your day to read this blog, I implore you to be thankful, that both of us are alive to see another day, and yes maybe it might be an inconvience if you are displaced because of the recent storms that have hit the east coast and are without power which weeks later many are still without. So many are depending on the generosity of others whether it is friends and/or family, or even government assistance. Today is an opportunity to express how thankful you are to be here, and it is an opportunity to make your life, how you want it. Look at it as a chance to hit the reset button and start again, with a new lease on life. It may not seem like an opportunity today, but you are here and survived the recent turmoil in life for a reason, so why not look at recent events from that perspective? If you are staying with family, it maybe an opportunity to renew or strengthen family bonds, or a chance to get to know them through a different set of eyes. The horror stories of so many without power, without their homes, for so long, makes those who have those things feel blessed. Blessed enough to reach out to those less fortunate. Again reasons to be …thankful. Recent events have show us the power nature holds and how it can and does make us feel when it excerises it’s might over us in ways that leave us without the comforts that we grow accustom to. And how much we are dependant on all of the technology that we use daily, in our lives, from our cellphones to the electricity to heat our homes or to have water to take showers. So do not let today be the only day you look to give thanks, but make it your goal everyday to be thankful and give thanks for living to see another day, and face the challanges it holds with a renewed lease on life that will inspire you to not only survive but thrive as a person.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this link with me. I don’t tend to give thanks daily for life itself. I know I should I wasn’t raised to do that unfortunately. It’s something I’ve been working on & it’s a work in progress. Thanks again for this post.

    1. It’s a day to day process. Start simple today there are reasons to be. Thankful being alive. You have family right? Give thanks for having a family. Please read the follow-up to that post Reasons to be thankful everyday…Part2

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